The Gouda Collection of Steve & Waldo - Part 2




This plate is from the Gouda factory Plateelfabriek ‘Ivora’. Ivora closed in 1984. What attracted me to this piece was its lovely, vibrant geometrical décor without being abstract.

Décor is 'Mat 41' on model 256.

Dates from the 1920's.

30.0cm diameter.


A high glazed Brantjes & Co, Firma Wed. N.S.A Purmerend jug. Made between 1895-1904. I’m ashamed to say I didn't know what it was when I bought it. It looked like high glazed Gouda but I thought it was some kind of Delft. You can imagine what a nice surprise it was, when it turned out to be Purmerend.

Decorator possibly Hendrikus Dekkers.

18.0cm high and 15.0cm wide at the widest part.





This is a Zuid-Holland jug/vase painted by the famous Henri Breetvelt himself. This dates it to pre - 1923 when he died. After his death his designs continued to be used but were called ‘Dec. Breetvelt’. A small miracle this vase has survived as it is top heavy and not very stable. Strong Egyptian inspiration. No date code. I personally consider this as one of the most important pieces in my collection as I have never seen another.

28.0cm high and 18.0cm wide.


A beaker vase from Plateelfabriek Schoonhoven. Possibly made as a souvenir item but not finished. The Dutch town name would have been in the white band in the middle of the beaker. Decor is a 'Corel' clone.

Decorator unknown.

Date around 1925/1930.

11.0cm high and 8.0cm wide.






An exquisite little Zuid Holland vase with three miniature handles. Decor 'Lotus'. This design is very Egyptian. The Egyptian theme is something that you find in several Gouda decors. Lord Carnarvon’s find of the Tutankhamun burial chamber in 1922 inspired many European glass and pottery companies to adapt their Art Nouveau designs to incorporate this new field of interest.

Probably painted by Johannes Vos.

Date 1924 on model 1141.

9.5cm high by 8.0cm wide.


A large ESKAF - (Eerste Steenwijker Kunst-Aardewerk Fabriek) - jardinière with the original liner. Designed by W. H. van Norden, as were most of these "Gouda bloemdecors". Norden worked for the company from May 1919 until 1921 when he went back to Distel. This piece lacks somewhat in originality for my taste. Nevertheless I cherish it as my only piece of ESKAF.

Model number 292.

39.0cm from ear to ear and 15.0cm high.





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