Research project.

Forthcoming book on the matte glazed ware of Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.

Part 2.

Miniature two-handled vase with the date of 1913 part of the decor itself. Dated items like this small vase are exceedingly rare.

These dated items are a great help with dating the early matt decors made before 1918. Date marks were only used from 1918 onwards so items made before 1918 are difficult to date.

So far only three dated items from the 1909-1917 period are known and this small vase is one of them.

Model 0155.

Height 8 cm.

Collection Bert-Jan Baas.






Hand thrown vase.

Decor designed by Theodorus Colenbrander.

Date 1912-1913.

Model 0158.

Height 22 cm.

Collection Bert-Jan Baas.

Base marks show the Colenbrander mark - the letter 'H' in script with the Dutch national flag above. The 'H' refers to 'Hoyng-Harkink-Holland' and the Dutch flag refers to the ware as being a Dutch product.

Lower picture shows the painter initials 'WvH' which are those of Wim van Ham. He was the young personal assistant of Colenbrander at PZH. Colenbrander items signed by Van Ham were made under the direct supervision of the artist.


Hand thrown jug.

Decor 535.

Decors from PZH sometimes had just a number instead of a name. Not as interesting though!

Date 1910-1915.

Model 031.

Height 15 cm.

Collection Henk Wolffensperger.



Markings show of both the model 031 and decor number 535.




The vase base only shows the incised model number 137. We know that from the model number and details of the colours, etc. the vase is by PZH.

Perhaps these unmarked items are trial pieces which makes them very interesting.

Tall vase.

Landscape style decor.

Date 1910-1915.

Model 137.

Height 26 cm.

Collection Henk Wolffensperger.


Two handled vase.

Rare piece that has neither a decor name nor a decor number.

Date January 1920.

Model 1208.

Height 26 cm.

Collection Henk Wolffensperger.






Pair of vases.

Decor 'Ete'.

Designed by W.P. Hartgring.

Date 1910-1915.

Model 0206.

Height 25 cm.

Collection Henk Wolffensperger.


Thanks to Stuart & Kim for allowing us to publicise this project and thanks in anticipation for all your help!

Barbara, Henk and Bert-Jan ~ January 2011.


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