Figurine - PZH - circa 1935

"Little Doreen with ball and dog"

17.5 cm H

Made by Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland and designed by Eta Lempke. This is a visually beautiful figurine as the little girl teases the dog by hiding its ball. The breeze lifts her dress to reveal her 'knickers'! This figurine was bought at the Saturday antiques market in Delft and has special meaning for us. We gave it the name of 'Little Doreen' after our friend from Delft called Doreen. After a previous day when we failed to buy the same figurine from a collector, she literally said on the morning of the market - 'Have faith. I'm sure all will be well and you will find another'. The very same day here was the figurine for sale on the market! Thanks to Doreen!

Sadly our friend Doreen passed away on 26 December 2013 after a very short illness. Her 'figurine' will always remind us of her life.

"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light."

Doreen Joan Kwak- Visser

9 October 1955 - 26 December 2013