'The Holthuysen Collection' ~ Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.

Part 2 - The 'Paysage' decors.




Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.

Decor Paysage. Decor is from an original painting of the Rosmolen in Zutphen. Zutphen is a city in the province of Gelderland about 30 km north-east of Arnhem. See about 'Paysage' here and also other places on the website.

Decorator - 'v.d.N.' - unknown.


Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.

Tile painting of 'De Visbanken' (the fish market) in Gouda.

Decorator Daniël Harkink.

Date circa 1905.





Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.

Paysage decor of grazing sheep. From an original painting by the Dutch master painter Anton Mauve (b.1838 - d.1888).

Base marks are undecipherable.



Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.

Wall plate - 'wandbord'.

Paysage decor of cattle grazing by water in the corner of a meadow. Probably from an original painting by Anton Mauve. See above.

Decorator - 'JvS' - Johannes Wilhelmus (Jan) van Schaick.

Date December 1918.






Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland.

Small vase with Paysage decor of cattle and milk maid. Decorated with great detail. From an original painting by Anton Mauve.


With grateful thanks to Ron Tasman for taking the original photographs.


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