Henk & José Gouda Collection - Part 2

Henk & José present some more favourite pieces from their collection.

A jar with lid. Still attached on this piece, lids are very often lost or broken. In decor 'Mabel'. Part of a cabinet set which would also have a matching 'Mabel' decor vase.

From January 1921 and painted by Martinus Vuijk the connected 'MV'.

Height is 25.0cm.






A rose flower frog in decor 'Pomona'. The top is made of copper. The decor was probably designed by Colenbrander.

Date 1920.

Decorator 'AN' (unknown).

Height 10.0cm.


This beautiful plate in decor 'Roma' we believe is a yellow 'Rhodian'.

Date about 1916.

Decorated by Gerardus Johannes van Vliet.

Diameter is 36.0cm.






Decor 'Rhodian' milk-jug.

This decor is one of the first matte decors and is our favourite. We like the shape, blue colour and the decoration which is based on Persian motifs.

Designed by D. Harkink.

Date 1909/1910.

Decorator: P (unknown).

Height is 17.5cm.


Decor 'Sana' from circa 1915.

Decorator is unknown.

Height is 27.0cm.




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