Gouda copies, look-alikes, home painters, fakes or "made to deceive" - Part 15.

Disclaimer - by showing these items from eBay, Marktplaats.nl, from the owners, from other sites, etc. we do not imply or allege that the sellers or owners had any knowledge they are/were fakes or made to deceive items. They are shown on this website as examples of fakes or made to deceive items as we believe it is in every ones interest to see them and hopefully learn from them.



Same old rubbish again! See Gouda Copies 13 for a very similar decor.



Fake of a carduus technique wallplate (wandbord) from the De Distel Amsterdam factory. Carduus was the name given to a decorative technique first developed at De Distel around 1906/1909 by Willem Van Norden. Basically the decor or image is impressed into the clay with a metal stamp. The lines were then infilled with brightly coloured thick glaze paste. A similar technique to the sgraffito method.

The name 'Carduus' is the Latin for 'Distel' and the English of 'Distel' is 'Thistle' - hence 'De Distel' or 'The Thistle'.

Images have been enhanced to show details.




Backstamp showing the fake marks.

The joined 'TN' is the (fake) mark of designer Theo Nieuwenhuis.



Genuine vase in the Carduus technique by Theo Nieuwenhuis.



On Marktplaats in August 2011 yet another example of a PZH fake. This one is a very badly painted plate.




This fake Distel tile tableau was exhibited for sale by a Dutch dealer at the Verzamelaars Jaarbeurs (a huge collectors fair) in Utrecht during November 2011.

An expert Distel collector saw this and he comments - "I asked the dealer to show me the back of the tableau and it was then quite clear it was a fake. The tiles were new, thin and totally different from the well known heavy tile with the Distel impressed mark on. It is also very poorly painted compared with the usual quality of Distel."

Watch out for this one it may well appear on Marktplaats.nl soon!



From the Dutch newspaper in Groningen, 'Dagblad van het Noorden' - 'Newspaper of the North' - an article on the Colenbrander fakes from China. Many examples of these can be seen in these Gouda Copies pages. With grateful thanks to our friend Friggo Visser - curator Ceramics Museum at Royal Goedewaagen.


Another fake Distel tile tableau this time seen on Marktplaats in January 2012. A well respected and expert Distel collector tells us - "This was probably made by Plateelbakkerij 'Delft' (PBD) in Hilversum around the 1910-1920 period. It was originally unmarked but someone thought they would mark it as a Distel to command a higher price. It is very clear that such a backstamp mark cannot be made by Distel. It's a pity as it is now worthless."






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