Gouda copies, look-alikes, home painters, fakes or "made to deceive" - Part 14.

Repeated note - "By showing these items from eBay or Marktplaats.nl (and other sites) we do not imply that the sellers had any knowledge they are/were fakes or made to deceive. They are shown as examples as we believe it is in every ones interest to see them."


According to the leading Regina expert from Holland, this Regina 'Chryso' vase, seen on Marktplaats.nl during May 2011, is a fake. Having handled one of these fakes before he tell us - "The vase is much too heavy. The craquelé is not right and the yellow dots are ON the vase and not under the glaze, so it is not a smooth surface. When you take a closer look, it is a lot like the Colenbrander fake vases seen on Marktplaats."





Seen on eBay in May 2011, is this terrible PZH fake! Watch out - these are also being sold by online dealers in Australia and Indonesia.






Here pictures of another fake, same backstamp marks, from Australia and Indonesia.





From Marktplaats.nl in June 2011, is this fake Rozenburg plate. On closer inspection there is evidence some of the decoration is 'sponged' and also possibly 'stencilled'. The backstamp is a poor copy.




Below 'sponging' decoration on the leaves. You can see the 'dab' marks. This image has been enhanced to show the marks.


Marktplaats.nl in June 2011 (Marktplaats again!) a fake PZH vase. The marks are appalling - looks like a felt tip pen was used.



Three items seen on eBay in July 2011 from a seller in Canada. Same marks and rubbish decor as can be seen many times here on the Gouda Copies pages.

Base marks have been enhanced to show a clearer image.







With thanks to all vigilant collectors and friends from Holland, UK and around the world for their help and sending the pictures.


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