David's PZH Gouda Collection - Part 2

David shows more favourites from his collection.

A Rozenburg tile tableau from before 1904 bearing the painters marks RS for Roelof Sterken. He worked at Rozenburg from 1894 to 1904. It is based on a a painting by Julius Jacobus Van De Sande Bakhuysen (1833 - 1925). A superb example of the Rozenburg tile tableau's produced by the company. Each tile is faintly stamped on the back "Rozenburg den Haag" and a tile number. In addition the last tile is marked 001 / 12 to show total in the set.

Very interesting is an early "this way up" sign to aid the person who assembled the tableau.

Good bright colours and a lovely layout produce a fine piece of art.

Each tile is approx. 15.0cm square and tile picture is 61.55cm x 46.0cm.

Including the frame the piece measures 82.2cm x 66.0cm.


Small match holder/striker in "Bonzo" design from 1928. Painters mark of AvD. In very good condition.

Has been used in the past as it shows match striking marks on the base.


An early high glaze vase with beautiful colours and style. Bearing an original retailers sticker. Made between 1910 and 1919, it was painted by BJ Boeziek.

Stands 26.0cm high - a fine high glaze piece.




A beautifully painted piece in "Berti" design by Maria Johanna Kelder. Dated 1922 and great condition.

12.5cm high and a fine sample of Gouda work.

This circular ashtray is in the "Corona" pattern from 1925. Is just over 6.0cm diameter and in excellent condition with good bright colours.

It bears the painters mark AK for Johanna Kelder.



A Madeleine nightstick from 1930 with the painters initials of JA.

Lovely bright colours in one of my favourite designs.

10.0cm high with a base diameter of 10.0cm.






A "Nadro" night lamp/stick from 1926. In magnificant condition with bright clear colours and a superb design. Painter ML.
Stands about 20.0cm high.


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