Collectors Gallery 34 - Pictures 154, 1555 & 156.

Picture 154 - probably the finest vase we have ever shown on Gouda-Design! When we talk about 'museum quality' in a piece this has to be one. In fact two of possibly four known examples of this model and decor are in Museums. One in the Purmerends Museum, North Holland and another in Galerie Gethmann, Berlin.

The very proud owner of this Brantjes vase is Mark from London. He tells us - "My best find ever which I saw very badly listed, described and photographed on eBay. It was late one evening and I was successful in my bid. I collected it personally from the seller. Things like this don't usually happen to me! It is huge standing some 63.0 cm tall and is in perfect, mint condition."

This huge vase, model number 1109, is exquisitely painted in the finest detail by Theodorus Verstraaten. He was an artist for Wed. N.S.A. Brantjes from 1899 to 1901, so the date of the vase will be in this time period. The decor is 'Decor A' just visible to bottom left of base marks under 1109.

The decor consists of many shades of blue, green yellow and brown with a blue clematis and flowering ivy. Alighting on the foliage are blue butterflies interspersed with spiders webs.

Usual marks of Brantjes on the backstamp. Founded in 1895 by the widow (Wed) of Nicolaas Brantjes Jnr. The logo of Brantjes is a clog (klomp) with the initials 'NB' under. The mark of Theodorus Verstraaten is to the top right. This is just one of several marks used by Verstraaten. He would have been 27 to 30 years old when this was painted.




Picture 154

Picture 155 & 156 - Philip from The Netherlands shows two more items from his collection. You can see another in Gallery 33 - Picture 152.

Picture 155 - "This little beauty was spotted on Marktplaats.nl. I quickly contacted the seller and a week later I was the proud owner. There are not many items seen from De Rozeboom, which is not surprising since it existed for only a year from 1919 to 1920. The main items seen are usually vases. This jardiniere is thus quite rare. It is painted in a different style than the rest of my collection but it is quite nice. It is in good condition. Measures some 32 cm long and 15 cm wide."

De Rozeboom (The Rose tree) was founded in The Hague by Leendert Antoine Isegerin, only lasting one year from 1919 until 1920. Isegerin was previously an employee of Rozenburg in 1896.



Picture 155

Picture 156 - "I instantly recognized this as painted by the master decorator Sam Schellink. I have seen more Rozenburg items with this decor which all have his name on them. It seems that this decor was thus solely painted by Schellink. I bought it at the Verzamelaarjaarbeurs in Utrecht for a nice price! It is in mint condition. Size is 31 cm long an 16 cm wide.



Picture 156

Thanks to Mark and Philip


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