Collectors Gallery 33 - Pictures 149, 150, 151, 152 & 153.

Picture 149 - Here is an example of the very popular decor 'Rumba' from Flora Keramiek sent in by Scott who is from Island Park, New York, USA. Scott says - "This is a piece I passed up years ago and always regretted it. The Flora 'Rumba' pattern is very hard to find here in the US so I'm very happy to have had a second opportunity to acquire it. I love the Mid-Century Modern look of the decor. I guess I will have to search for more now!"

Decor 'Rumba' was produced by Flora Keramiek from circa 1958 to 1961 and is one of their most popular decors. This curved triangular shape was produced in different sizes. Starting at model 1001, 1002, 1003, etc. Here from Scott is model 1003.

Dimensions are approx. 29.0 cm wide by 5.0 cm high.



Picture 149

Picture 150 - Thomas from Dublin in the Republic of Ireland, sends us this beautiful example of a 'Decor Breetvelt' vase. Thomas tell us - "This is my very first Gouda piece. I normally collect West German and Swedish pottery but when I saw this I just had to have it! The vase is in mint condition. I've found your website very informative and without it I'd have very little information on my vase."

Following the death of artist and designer Henri Breetvelt in 1923, his designs for PZH continued to be painted. They were often modified so they could be painted quickly and in quantity. All had the 'Decor Breetvelt' designation, often just 'Dec. Breetvelt', on the backstamp. Some had the letter 'B' and a number. This vase is 'Decor B5' where the 'B' is for Breetvelt.

Made in Gouda by Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland and painted by Johan van Kersbergen. Date is 1925 and the model number is 2111.

Dimensions are approx. 23.5 cm tall by 15.0 cm at its widest.




Picture 150

Picture 151 - Presented here is a magnificent vase owned by Jareth from New York, USA. Jareth tells us - "As a long time Gouda collector I've been looking for a great example of Mat Bloemen. I bought this vase from another collector. It was one of the nicest examples I've ever seen."

Matte glaze decor - New Porcelain Mat Bloemen or should one say Mat Vis or Mat Karper! The 'O.O.' letters mark is not certain to be a painter. No positive answer has been found so far.

Circa 1910/1914. Dimensions 30.0 cm high.





















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Picture 151

Picture 152 - Philip from The Netherlands shows this beautifully decorated flower/cache pot from Potterij Rembrandt. Philip says - "I have a collection of flowerpots and jardinière's from several different Gouda factories. This Potterij Rembrandt one was for sale on Marktplaats.nl and although it was heavily damaged it still looked stunning. I try to collect one good item from every Gouda pottery factory and as you don't see many items, especially a flowerpot this size from Rembrandt, here was an opportunity one could not afford to miss! I bought it and had it restored to pristine condition. It now stands on my cupboard together with some other pieces where it looks marvellous. The height is 21.0 cm by 27.0 cm wide."

The Potterij Rembrandt factory was taken over by PZH in circa 1925-1926, when the moulds, markings and name were kept. It appears some models did not have the H.O. number, as this one, so the 'R. 801' is likely to refer to the decor. Date is thus circa 1925-1926. Painter unknown.




Picture 152

Picture 153 - A very early piece of Delft Blue owned by Keith from the West Midlands here in the UK. Keith tells us - "This was purchased at a small auction by my wife's late mother, probably in the 1980's. Despite attending hundreds of antique and collectors fairs over the years we have never come across another quite like it! It is our only piece of Gouda."

This wonderful piece of PZH Delft Blue has the decor name 'Delftsch' and was made circa 1900/01.

Probably painted by Jan Hendrik van der Burg.

It stands some 21.5 cm tall and the model number is 222.





Picture 153

Thanks to Scott, Thomas, Jareth, Philip and Keith


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