Please note:

We are collectors, not dealers or sellers. No profit whatsoever is made from our website.

The detailed information we give, if you ask us a question, is given in good faith as we are passionate about Gouda pottery

Sadly in many cases this has then been abused and the information used for profit on auction sites without even thanking us or giving credit.

In some instances our text, information and pictures have been blatantly copied and pasted onto descriptions of items for sale on auction sites. We have even had text, information and pictures copied onto other Gouda web sites.

Please see here for copyright details - in this case applicable to eBay.

Once a seller puts an item(s) for sale on eBay or any other website as mentioned above, we decline to give information.

It does take time and effort to provide these services on the internet. Hosting a website, the anti-spam software, etc. does cost a certain amount of money. If you feel so inclined, we do have a donations button on the website to help with the costs of running our site.

Thank you.

Stuart & Kim.