Commemorative Flask - PZH - 1948

"Liquor Flask"

17.5 cm H x 11.0 cm W

Designed by Catharina Margaretha (Eta) Lempke, is this beautifully modelled Liquor Flask made to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of PZH - 1898 to 1948. Notice the gold highlights. The decor shows a potter at the wheel with a kiln and pottery on shelves. The depiction of the Gouda flag can also be seen. On the reverse the commemorative wording. Sadly it is missing the stopper which was in the shape of a gold coloured crown. In the black and white picture one can see the complete flask. Picture credit from the book 'n.v. koninklijke Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland'. Very rarely seen item.

Note that it is now believed PZH was first founded in around November 1897.