Gouda copies, look-alikes, home workers, fakes or "made to deceive" - Part 9.


D.K.P. or The Dordtsche Kunstpotterij was a small factory founded in Dordrecht and was in existence from 1903 to 1908. It was to produce some beautiful decors particularly under the auspices of designer and painter Jan van der Vet. Unfortunately this ain't one of them - it's a fake! Seen on Marktplaats in November 2009.

According to one of our Dutch friends and one of the worlds leading experts - "This bowl has already been declared a fake by the 'Art Committee of the Haarlem Art Deco Art Fair' as a fake. The heron painting was an original and authentic art nouveau decor but the hand writing looks to be from the 1970's or later and the decor name is false and not one from D.K.P. In addition the white glaze spots on the base are another 'give-away' as they were probably caused by a second transparent glazing. This means it has been 'doctored', so if the bowl was, for example, a good Pottery Rembrandt object, unfortunately the fraudulent marks make the piece worthless."



Here another one from Marktplaats in December 2009. A really obvious PZH Colenbrander fake. The white scalloped plate is quite modern and has nothing to do with the hand-thrown real Colenbrander pieces from 1912 - 1913 which were in a yellow pâte. The flower decoration has no likeness at all to the more abstract Colenbrander designs and the mark has the written Colenbrander name (also wrong spelling). His genuine pieces done for PZH should have the Dutch flag mark (see example below) and notice the appallingly drawn mark of the 'little house'!



A genuine Colenbrander PZH mark showing the Dutch flag colours. His name is not on the mark. Colenbrander was a designer at PZH in 1912/13.

This Colenbrander fake is a bit more sophisticated! A remake of a Colenbrander mould, decoration of 'Fantasie' and an authentic looking mark. However, the underglazing technique is wrong and on a closer examination you can see a very untrained hand of painting. When one sees and holds these fakes with a genuine one, you can see the difference in weight with the thicker body of the fake and the close look reveals the poor painting. Not an easy one to spot this! We are grateful to our very expert Dutch friends for the information. See below for credits. On sale from a dealer in Den Haag.



Our 'old friend' from eBay is back again with another fake. Sadly they were bought by someone in the USA - you now own a fake! See previous pages of Gouda Copies for more information and pictures of other 'spider' fakes. These are copies of Rozenburg decors pretending to be from PZH.




These fake Chris van der Hoef amphora vases were for sale on Marktplaats and later by an auction house in Den Haag, Netherlands. Thanks to the intervention of some of our Dutch friends they were removed and the sale was cancelled. They have been around for some time, as four years ago Karin Gaillard wrote about them in the magazine of De Princessehof Museum. The clay is wrong, the glaze is wrong and as you can see very badly painted.





Another really crude fake seen on Marktplaats in December 2009. The same old marks - see earlier pages of Gouda Copies for plenty more of these marks!





Our 'old friend' the seller from eBay is back again with yet another PZH fake. See this page and previous pages of Gouda Copies for more information and pictures of other 'spider' fakes.




With thanks to Joop Nobel, Friggo Visser, Ron Tasman and for information on D.K.P. from The Gouda Pottery Book. Plus all other vigilant collector friends from Holland and around the world.


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