Gouda copies, look-alikes, home workers, fakes or "made to deceive" - Part 2.

Here below we show you more Zuid-Holland fakes.

There is no Zuid-Holland model number 103 of this shape nor a Zuid-Holland painter with the connected 'HH' mark. It just looks completely wrong. A real gem of a fake!




Here below another one recently on eBay. Same markings as the one above - completely false!




Below - Mike from New York contacted us and sent the pictures of this piece. He tells us - "This vase belonged to my Uncle but I have no idea where it came from." Once a genuine, probably Czechoslovakian/Eastern European Gouda 'look-alike'. Someone, however, has added totally false Zuid-Holland marks!

Friggo Visser tell us - "This a Bohemian amphora in the style of a Regina amphora from the 1930's with a false PZH mark."



Here another example in the same model number but without the false PZH markings.




Homeworkers item - probably made at home by an ex-employee of PZH who made up their own logo. These 'homeworkers' pieces are often confused with the genuine PZH pieces. Use of the wording 'Handwerk' probably dates this to the 1950's.




Here is another set of fakes that were for sale on eBay in March 2008. These are purporting to be a Jaap Gidding design from 1927. Thanks to the diligence of collectors in Holland they were spotted, the seller informed and subsequently removed. Size - 26.0cm high by 10.5cm wide.





Yet another eBay item. Appalingly decorated - so crude! By the same hand as the other fake bird PZH items on Gouda Copies 1. It is not a PZH mould.




Fakes again from the same eBay seller! Look at the marks and they are obviously by the same hand as the fake spider decor one on the previous page. Wrong model number, no month on the date mark. Copied from a Rozenburg decor. Someone bought them - so if you are the buyer looking in - you have been done!




This clock garniture set was recently on Marktplaats.nl. The mark has been faked as PZH but it is a Céramique Montoise Bergen mould and decoration with a wrong PZH model number.




We are grateful to Mike, Friggo Visser, Ron Tasman and Joop Nobel for helping and confirming the identity of these items. Together with all the keen eyed collectors who contact us.


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