Gouda copies, look-alikes, home painters, fakes or "made to deceive" - Part 18.


Rubbish again. Looks like trying to copy GeWi decors. Marktplaats in May 2013.





This makes a change - a fake PZH copy on the UK eBay site instead of Marktplaats! Seen on eBay in August 2013! Usual rubbish, many examples can be seen on these Gouda Copies pages. This one appears to have two 'painters'. One the decor and another the false date.




Our old friends are here again, from Marktplaats.nl in December 2013. You can see many more examples of these elsewhere in Gouda Copies.

As one highly respected Gouda collector said, "Decorated in a very clumsy manner, with the same same awkward handwriting and false marks giving the impression of a Plateelbakkerij South Holland piece."




More rubbish again. Same marks as seen throughout the Gouda Copies pages. For sale on Marktplaats in August 2014.




From Marktplaats in November 2014 is this fake Purmerend Brantjes wall plate.

With thanks to a Dutch collector.






From eBay, currently on sale in August 2015, is this fake ESKAF vase.

The backstamp marks are probably felt marker pen.

The number 24 is a typical West German style mark.

The painters marks are taken from two PZH painters who never worked for ESKAF.

With thanks to two eagle eyed Dutch collectors.






This fake Colenbrander is from a seller on Marktplaats - September 2015.

A description about the fake by one of the worlds leading Colenbrander collectors - "Praised as a real museum piece and as a probable test version. This Colenbrander vase is a real fake. Truly a mess of a decoration."

He continues - "I keep my silence about the way the decor has been painted!"

The seller has now stated that this could be a fake. "........this vase could be a forgery. It was bought in 2000 in the USA and taken to the Netherlands."








On Marktplaats in March 2016 is this fake Rozenburg vase. An expert Rozenburg collector has contacted us about it.

He tells us - "The forged 'Rozenburg den Haag' stamp used on the base was around in the 1990's. There were several different forged stamps. This vase is a fake - don't buy it!"



 The crown, Rozenburg den Haag, etc. mark is a fake 'stamp'



On eBay in March 2016 is this fake PZH jug. There were bids on it. If you bought the item - return it!





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