Collectors Gallery 30 - Pictures 139, 140 & 141

Picture 139 - Grace from Bradford, Ontario, Canada has sent us these superb pictures of her candlestick. Grace tells us - "My parents immigrated from Holland to Canada in the early 1950's. Some years ago while visiting a country auction I spotted this candlestick. When I saw Holland on the base I just had to have it! I am so thrilled to learn of the history and it does not matter how valuable it may be I just love it!"

This candlestick was made by Peter Groeneveldt who started his first workshop in Wassenaar, south west of Leiden. Then in 1938 Groeneveldt moved to Voorschoten which is very close to Wassenaar. The factory remained here until it closed in 1972. At one time it employed some 20 people. Groeneveldt died in 1982 at the ripe old age of 93.

The stamped or impressed mark shown was in use from circa 1945 until the closure in 1972. On the mark you can see three half moons - they are taken from the Voorschoten coat of arms.

Date of the candlestick circa 1950's - 1960's.

It is some 15.0 cm tall by 10.0 cm at the base.


Close up showing the stamped mark and the three half moons.


Left - the Voorschoten coat of arms.

Picture 139

Picture 140 - presenting two PZH candlesticks owned by Nick from Holbeach, Spalding, Lincolnshire here in England. Nick tells us - "I bought them at an auction as not only did they take my fancy but as they were made in 1923 and my house was built in 1922 they fit in perfectly!"

Both of them are decor 'Collier' - but whoops hang on - look again at the base marks. The painter, Bastiaan van der Zouwen, must have been at a party on the gin over the weekend - he was only 18 in 1923. Not only has he got the wrong spelling of 'Collier' on one piece (this does happen) but has put the wrong decor name on the other candlestick - he has marked it as 'Corona'! Notice the differences in the painting as well for the same hand and same decor. Date is 1923 and both are model 1557.





Picture 140

Picture 141 - Don from Southport here in the UK, has sent us this picture of a jug recently added to his collection. Don says - "My first love is Amphora...Austrian, Czech Pottery, of which I have quite a collection, mainly Reissner, but I also collect jugs. I do, however, have a few pieces of Gouda and so I was very attracted to this beautiful jug to add to my collection. I really liked the colour and shape. The decoration is so different from the sort of glazes that I usually associate with Gouda pottery."

This jug is indeed a beautiful piece and of unusual glaze. We contacted our friend Ron Tasman (The Gouda Pottery Book) and he said - "I have seen a PZH decor 'Poppy' pitcher with a similar red 'crazing' effect. This 'Robert' decor is only the second one I've ever seen. I don't know how the 'crazing' is applied - maybe something in the glazing technique."

Made by Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland (PZH), the jug dates from the early 1950's and was probably painted by the female painter Riet Heiboer. The model number is 4658 which you can also see impressed into the mould. Dimensions are 24.0 cm tall by 13.5 cm at the widest part.



Picture 141



Don proudly displays the Gouda 'Robert' jug with his other jug collections!



Three items from Don's Gouda collection. Two early PZH Amphora and a Goedewaagen vase.


With thanks to Grace, Nick and Don. With grateful thanks as ever to the unfailing help of Ron Tasman & Friggo Visser of The Gouda Pottery Book.


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