Vase - PZH - circa 1923

"Blue Pheasant"

8.0cm H x 6.0cm D

Beautiful little vase made by PZH for Liberty & Co. of London. The decor is called 'Blue Pheasant'. Originally called 'Kaiser' but due to the breakdown of relations between Germany and the UK which led to WW1, it was decided to scrap that name in 1914! (Information from the Gouda Pottery Book). On the base picture you can see 566 which is the model number and under that the number 505 which relates to the customer code of retailer Liberty. Painted by Arnoldus Hendrikus Dikhooff - you can just make out the 'AD'. As you can see on this particular piece for Liberty there is nothing to tell one that this was made by PZH. Later items did have the name of PZH as the maker.